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 " Absolutely stunning. I think Barnbougle is not only one of Australia's best, it is one of the best courses in the world, old or new."
Geoff Ogilvy

Club description

Lost Farm is a quirky 20-hole Links Golf course situated on Barnbougle Farm on Tasmania’s NE coast, adjacent to the Barnbougle Dunes Course.

With a reputation for minimalistic course design and a philosophy that traditional, strategic golf is the most rewarding, head architect Bill Coore created the Lost Farm with the intention to compliment the canvas provided by Mother Nature.

Despite the close proximity of Lost Farm to Barnbougle Dunes, the two courses are remarkably different. The sand dunes on which Lost Farm is located are steeper and more dramatic than those of Barnbougle Dunes.

Lost Farm features 20 holes all of which are playable during any given round, whilst the layout of holes at Lost Farm also offer a more diverse routing compared to Barnbougle Dunes, with fairways that roll both along the coast and inland.

The distinctive undulating character of the course design features – like its sister course – fescue grass, a grass ideally suited to the hostile coastal conditions and sandy soil. 

Coore and Crenshaw’s final result is the Lost Farm - a course that is dramatically different and yet simultaneously compliments both the surrounding landscape and Barnbougle Dunes. As for which course is better, each golfer will back their personal preference, and their reasoning will doubt be the feature of many a passionate dinner table conversation.

Location: Bridport, Tasmania, Australia
Year founded: 2010
Architect: Bill Moore, Ben Crenshaw

Signature Holes

Barnbougle Lost Farm - aerial


Course played: Lost farm
Date played: 24th November, 2011