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Royal Liverpool Golf Club
 "Hoylake, blown upon by mighty winds, breeder of mighty champions"
Bernard Darwin

Club description

The Hoylake links can be, by turns, beautiful, uplifting, awe inspiring and, on occasion, soul-destroying. They were created to be a demanding test of golf and remain so, and they lie at the very heart of the history and development of golf in Great Britain. Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake has staged major tournaments throughout its long history including eleven Open Championships and many amateur events. Hoylake is the venue for The Open Championship 2014."Walk in the footsteps of Champions over the historic Hoylake links.

Location: Hoylake, England
Year founded: 1869
Courses: Hoylake, 7218 yards
Architect: R Chambers (1871), G Morris (1871), Harry Colt (1921), Donald Steel (2001)

Club Overview

Signature Holes

Hole #6 - 421 yards par 4

The first occasion you play at Hoylake you could be forgiven for wondering where to drive, as you are faced with an out of biounds hedge in fron of you, but more pertubing is the fact it is some 190n yards away. So - breathe in, get your driver out and go for it.

Hole #14 - 552 yards par 5

The 14th is the start of Hoylakes much admired stretch of finishing holes. Beware of Farrar's Folly, a grassy hollow at the fron right of the green.


Course played: Hoylake
Date played: 14th October, 2011