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Ballybunion Golf Club
 "If sheer pleasure is the yardstick, then Ballybunion's Old Course gets my vote as the No. 1 in the world."
  Peter Dobereiner

Club description

Ballybunion Golf Course has a spectacular location off the west coast of Ireland. Located on the north west coast of County Kerry, on a beautiful stretch of sand dunes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you'll find two wonderfully challenging and unique links golf courses at Ballybunion - the Old Course and the Cashen Course. This is the perfect place for your golf vacation in Ireland.

The Old Course exudes a majestic feel that simply cannot be compared to any other course on earth. With beautifully contoured fairways that tumble down through a blanket of grassy dunes, it's no wonder these challenging holes have been consistently rated among the top courses in the world.

The Trent Jones Cashen Course, located along the sweeping, undisturbed shoreline, offers breathtaking views throughout. There is a wild look to the place. Long grass covers the dunes that pitch and roll throughout the course.

Whatever your choice, every hole, every hazard and every shot is defined by nature's infinite presence. Enjoy.

Location: Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland
Year founded: 1893
Courses: The Old Course (6802 yards), The Cashen Course (6306 yards)
Architect: The Old Course: Lionel Hewson (1906), Tom Simpson (1937), Tom Watson (1995)

Club Overview

Signature Holes

Hole #11 - 473 yards par 4

This is one of the best par four's you will play anywhere! With the prevailing wind blowing from the sea, aim your tee shot down the boundary line. This is another hole where you need to fly your second all the way, so make sure you take enough club to get up.


Course played: The Old Course
Date played: 6th September, 2011