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Doonbeg Golf Club
 "This is a course I want to be identified with, one I will be able to say with pride - I did that one"
Greg Norman

Club description

Doonbeg_Golf_ClubImagine a coastal haven, hidden on a sheltered corner of the wild Atlantic Ocean. Imagine a rugged landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, across rolling waves and sand dunes and thousands of years of stories, buried within them.

Two-time British Open champion Greg Norman is the course architect, selected for his incomparable design skill and his “least disturbance” philosophy of routing courses to fit existing terrains. Norman's layout follows a course designed by nature – 14 of Doonbeg’s greens and 12 of its fairways required no changes but a simple mowing of the grass.

The fairways and greens consist of native grasses, including fine fescues, bentgrass, and ryegrass.

Location: Doonbeg, County Clare, Ireland
Year founded: 2002
Courses: Doonbeg, 6885 yards
Architect: Greg Norman

Club Overview

Signature Holes

Hole #14 - 111 yards par 3

An extreme challenge against the elements. Depending on the wind it can be any club from 7 iron and up….


Course played: Doonbeg
Date played: 9th September, 2011