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Cruden Bay Golf Club
 "It's overwhelming, Dye said. You haven't really lived until you've played it. Cruden Bay is outsized, non-conformist, unpredictable, flamboyant."
Pete Dye

Club description

It is claimed that golf was played in the village of Cruden Bay as early as 1791. The present layout of the course is a result of it being redeveloped in 1926 by Thomas Simpson and Herbert Fowler, although many of Old Tom Morris’s original greensites and basic routing are still in evidence. Cruden Bay is one of the best links courses in Scotland, confirmed by the fact that it is ranked in the top 40 courses in Britain by ‘Golf World’ and in the top 100 courses in the world by ‘Golf Magazine’.

Location: Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Year founded: 1900
Courses: The Course, 6287 yards
Architect: Old Tom Morrisson (1899), Archie Simpson (1899), Tom Simpson (1926), Herbert Fowler (1926)

Club Overview

Signature Holes

Hole #4 - 195 yards par 3

The par 3 4th hole has a great setting with the Water of Cruden on one side and the quaint old village of Cruden Bay overseeing proceedings from the far bank. Generally into the prevailing wind this is a very good links golf hole at 195 yards in length.

Hole #16 - 180 yards par 3

The "coffins" are the grassy hollows to the right and back of the green which slopes away from you, so your tee shot needs to land short and it will run down on to the green. Another original Tom Morris green.


Course played: Cruden Bay
Date played: 29th September, 2011