Carne Golf Links - 11th September 2011 - The Links
Carne Golf Links - 11th September 2011

Massive sand dunes and spectacular scenery.

Carne Golf Links was the last to be designed be the great Eddie Hackett. It’s extremely natural and have a goof flow between the large sand dunes – very enjoyable. There’s also another 9 new holes under construction which looks spectacular and are to be open for play during 2013.

Building of the course:

It’s a course that gives every golfer a true challenge. It’s also a course that you’ll enjoy the first time you play it, but you’ll enjoy it even more the second time, the third time, etc. It’s important to put the ball in position every time, because of the many challenging approach shots to the green. If you’re not in position, you’ll have a blind approach shot that can be difficult to stick on the green.

I favor the back nine that are more on the ocean side. Great challenging holes and the finishing 16th, 17th and 18th are great. My favorites are:

12th Hole – 280 meters par 4

A short dog leg left hole which needs a very precise 230 yards shot off tee to be in a good position. Less and you’ll have a blind approach shot and longer you’re in trouble – rough. It’s an elevated green and you can’t be short or to the right, so it’s tricky to get on green.

16th Hole – 142 meters par 3

The tee is elevated and high above the green. The green is in a bowl in front of a massive sand dune. Another precise tee shot is needed – spectacular par 3.

17th Hole – 392 meters par 4

Index 1. A big drive is needed, but be careful. There’s a deep gully about 200 meters to the right and you have another deep gully about 240 meters to the left. The approach shot is long and be aware of another deep gully to the right of the green. If you make a par, be happy.

18th Hole – 486 meters par 5

Good finishing hole. Three straight shots and you’ll be in good position to make a par, which certainly is doable. Just keep it straight!


The tail of hurricane Katia hit Carne Golf Links the day of play. My playing partner, Eamon Mangan, wisely proposed to postpone the tee off for a few hours to avoid the rain. The strong wind would not go away, but a little less rain is very helpful. The rain did not fully go away, but we played anyway. The course is tough enough without the strong wind and rain. But with it, it’s a very, very hard challenge. There is not one single moment to relax and it’s an ongoing battle against the elements of nature. I did not win this battle and the score ended up at 89 shots (gross) – 44 IN and 45 OUT.

One thing that impressed me very much and it was the extremely welcoming people. It was a fantastic genuine atmosphere in the clubhouse and I felt at home right away. I don’t think I have experienced this at any other place – very enjoyable.



Birdieing the last

No matter how bad the rest of the round has been, a birdie on the closing hole will make that post-round pint taste just a little sweeter.

Carne Golf Links