Enniscrone Golf Club - 13th September 2011 - The Links
Enniscrone Golf Club - 13th September 2011

Battling The Dunes in the strong wind

The tail of hurricane Katia hit Enniscrone on Monday 12th and golf was cancelled. Almost impossible to stand still in the very strong wind and no point trying to play golf. A day to rest the body and there’s no better place in Enniscrone to do that then at the Kilcullen Bath House. The specialty is a hot seawater bath with seaweeds after a steam bath – it’s great and very relaxing. The Bath House is 100 years old and the bathtubs are the original!!

My playing partner, Pat Sweeney (Manager at Enniscrone Golf Club), set the expectation before first tee off – “Be ready to play on the first tee, there are no warm up holes. Add 10 shots to your handicap and you’ll be right”.

Pat is right; the course is tough and particular when the wind is strong as today.

The Championship course, “The Dunes”, is a mix of original Hackett design holes and newer Steele designed holes among the high dunes. The first 3 holes is a challenge to any golfer and tough. Your tee shot must be in position and if not, you have lost a shot. As the locals say, “It’s not a Risk & Reward course, it’s a Risk & Reload course”.

Hole 5 to 11 is easier and gives you a break from the other holes with 110% focus. Hole 5 gives a different focus, it’s the two deep bunkers - “Dollys”. Design inspired by Dolly Parton!!

The 12th hole, “Cnoc nag Corp” (Hill of corps), is not only a great golf hole, it also has a great story. It’s called the Hill of corps and apparently did the Irish hide in the Dunes waiting for the Vikings, killed them all and buried them in the hill. The story would have been different if it had been the Swedish Vikings and not the Norwegians or Danish…

The locals also say, “it’s not how, it’s how many”. I experienced it when Pat made a par using 4 putts on the 16th par 5!!!! A good drive followed by four putts for a par!!! Links golf, keeping it low under the wind!!!

The hole I enjoyed to most are the Steele holes among the dunes. Opening 3 holes are great and challenging. Amazing holes are the 12th, 13th, 15th and the signature 16th. Rather short holes, except for the 15th, and being precise are the name of the game for these holes.

Today I agree with the “it’s not how, it’s how many”. I actually managed to be -1 on the five par five!! 42 OUT and 40 IN for a total of 82 shots (gross). Yes, I should maybe mentioned that I used 3 mulligans…….

Shot of the day was a solid 320 yards drive on the long 15th hole. The drive set up for a tap in par – good stuff.

I’m also very happy for the par on the signature 16th hole – 545 yards from the back tee. Another good drive from the back tee.

The Dunes at Enniscrone Golf Club is certainly a very good and challenging golf course. Yes, you’ll have the wind no one knows how windy it’ll be, but that’s links golf. Make sure you’ll play it at least twice, you’ll enjoy it the first time and you’ll enjoy it even moiré the second.

The perfect place to stay at in Enniscrone is Ceol Na Mara guesthouse. Jim will take very good care of you.

You’ll certainly enjoy the golf and friendly hospitality at Enniscrone.



Bouncing back with a birdie

It’s something the pros do on a regular basis, but the average amateur is more likely to follow a disaster with a catastrophe.


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