Lahinch Golf Club - 7th September 2011 - The Links
Lahinch Golf Club - 7th September 2011

The perfect setting for golf and what a beauty


The club was founded in 1892. Old Tom Morris and George Gibson were the early designers. In 1927 Alistair MacKenzie arrived to re-design the course. MacKenzie was a purist in golf course design. He used many of the natural attributes of each site that he worked on. He strongly believed in keeping a natural appearance to a golf course, creating and shaping holes through the sand dunes and creating greens with subtle contours and movement, rolling with the natural fall of the land. He has for sure succeeded with the Old Course at Lahinch – it’s a natural beauty and as well a very challenging course.

Since it’s inception in 1895, The Old Course at Lahinch has been the home of the oldest provincial championship in Ireland – the South of Ireland Amateur Open Championship. Past winners and finalists have gone on to great heights in the professional ranks: people such as Padraig Harrington, Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley and Graeme McDowell.

My playing partners this windy day were not any of the great Irish champions, but Bernard and Patricia from France - nice couple and they made the day very enjoyable.

Sinead Sexton, my caddie was very recently on the Irish under 18 women team at the “2011 Girls Home International”. It was played at Gullane Links, Scotland. She did an excellent job in showing me the details of the course and as well helping out with the camera. Thanks and Good Luck with your golf carrier.

Yes, it was a windy day, but no rain. The wind is not bothering me any more, just as long it’s not a gale force wind.

The Old Course at Lahinch is a very, very good golf course. I love every inch of it and to me it’s true genuine links golf and pure indulgence. I’ve been here a few times before; I’ll be coming back many more times. It’s just the way the course is laid out among the dune land and it just feels so natural. The holes are also different and unique, which makes them interesting and very fun to play. Is it an easy course, NO. The wind will determine just how difficult it’ll be and it’s a challenge to stick the ball on the greens. My favorite holes are:

4th Hole – 472 yards par 5

It’s by no means a long hole, but it’s tricky and very unique. Take a long iron or fairway wood and aim for the right hand side of the narrow fairway, as everything gathers from the right to the left. Second shot is a blind shot over the Klondyke Hill. You’ll find a guy on top of the hill giving you a signal when it’s OK to make the shot. Make sure you have enough loft to clear the Klondyke Hill; this is a par 5.

5th Hole – 148 yards par 3

This is a blind par 3!!!!! Aim for the white rock on the large dune in front of the green (which you can’t see), take an extra club to ensure clearing the famous dunes in front of the green and go for it. With the usual breeze, the hole normally plays more like 175 yards. Great hole.

9th Hole – 391 yards par 4

Fairly large and open fairway to put your drive on. Place your shot down the left half of the fairway to get a good angle for your approach shot, because it’s all about the second shot on this hole and you can use the mound as a back stop at the green. Beware the false front on this green, but equally be aware that it’s 56 yards deep. Left of the green will be a certain bogey.

11th Hole – 156 yards par 3

Lovely hole and a tee shot right in to the wind from the ocean that’ right behind the green. There is no bail out on this hole, take a half a club less and say a prayer to the golfing Gods!!! The bunker from hell is to the right of the green, invisible from the tee.


I guess being back at one of my favorite golf courses, Lahinch Old Course, inspired me. Terrible 150 yards tee shot off the first time, good recovery for a bogey 5 and I was on my way. The irons and pitching was very solid and I am very pleased with how I was hitting them. If my putting had been as good as the rest, it would have been a very good score.

Had a great 7-iron in to the cross wind on the 8th 156 yards par 3 – landed about 1 meter from the hole, missed the birdie put for a par.

41 Out and 40 In for a total of 81 shots (gross). I’m very pleased with this. I though would like to be below 80......

I’m also pleased with the “monster” drive on the 18th. I got everything out of my Titleist driver – a low penetrating 240 meters drive right down the fairway. One of those that feel so, so good – I think you know what I’m talking about.

Old Course at Lahinch – marvelous links. Lahinch Golf Club is also very welcoming and friendly. There is always a welcoming face and a pleasant smile.




One of golf’s most challenging shots, it shows you do in fact have some control over your ball.


Lahinch Golf Club - Old Course