Less then 40 days to first tee off - The Links
Less then 40 days to first tee off

It is now less then 40 days to the first tee off for “The Links” at the European Club in Ireland on September 1. It will be an amazing adventure and I am very excited about it. It has been on my “To Do in Life” list for a long time and now it is real and happening – fantastic.

Preparations are being finalized and the biggest headache is to get the golf game together. It has not been good at all the last week, but it will be there by first tee off. Just practice, be persistent and have fun on the golf course.

Working on the game at my home club, Golf Club de Chamonix, is a challenge in itself – it is easy to loose focus and let the mind drift away in the surrounding mountains. Keep the ball low in the strong head wind from the Irish Sea is something that needs to be mastered. Keeping the ball low under the cable car in Chamonix is good practice!


Invitation to join me and play golf has been sent to friends around the world. It will be interesting to find out who will join me and at which golf club. The “Players” section on this web site will be updated with who they are and where they will play.

You will now start to see regular updates on this website and as of September 1, you will find almost daily updates.  It will be a mix of video clips, images and text  - covering experiences, clubs, courses, people, etc. It will be video interviews with key people at the clubs and of course, players. The intention is to capture the uniqueness of the different club/courses and people’s passion for links golf.

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You can also follow “The Links” on Facebook.  Friends and active participation on Facebook are more than welcome.

If you have friends that may be interested in this golf adventure, please let them know about it.

It certainly will be a “once in a lifetime experience”. I’ll do my best to share this experience with you fellow golfers and hopefully stimulate you to live your dream whatever it may be.