Pebble Beach Golf Links - 6th November 2011 - The Links
Pebble Beach Golf Links - 6th November 2011

An exceptional experience!

Pebble Beach is a very, very special place where dreams are realized, memories made and unforgettable moments shared. It offers a stunning combination of breathtaking beauty, timeless architecture, dramatic vistas and a very rich history.

Pebble Beach Links will always be a test of time and offer an incredible challenge to any golfer. It has been hosting the US Open five times: 1972, 1982, 1992, 2000 and 2010. The US Open will return to Pebble on its 100-year anniversary 2019.

So many great moments of glory have been created at Pebble. Those moments will distract you when you play each of the holes and your mind has a vision on how to make those magic shots.

Pebble is a stunning golf course with spectacular scenery, rugged coastline, cliff side fairways and very small sloping greens.

Don’t bother too much about the pin position, just find the green and you’ll be in a good position. The greens are all extremely small and it’s very hard to read the greens. You’ll think the ball will turn one way, but it’ll go the other way and everything slopes to the ocean. A caddie is well worth every penny.

It’s just a special feeling being at Pebble and standing on first tee is even more special. You’ll find the adrenalin pumping!!! Yes, if you can handle the nerves and adrenalin, you’ll have five fairly “easy” opening holes and then the fun begins.

Hole 7 – 98 yards par 3

This is it, a classic! The wind will mess with your mind on club selection. Just punch down a short iron low in the wind and play it safe to the middle of the green. Yes, it’s much easier said then done. A fantastic hole and the feeling of relieve when the ball finds the green is enormous. A well-struck wedge to about 20 feet short of pin, two put for a solid par.

Hole 8 – 400 yards par 4

An intimidating hole with the Pacific and huge high cliffs on your entire right, a blind tee shot that can’t be longer then 225 yards because the Pacific and cliffs cuts in to the fairway, you need to carry the approach shot over the cliffs and pacific to a small green protected by bunkers. Take a deep breath and fire to the middle of the green; take an even bigger breath if the wind is strong because you may need to aim out over the ocean! Stunning hole. Fairway wood in perfect position, 5-iron short of green, chip and two put for a bogey 5.

Hole 17 – 170 yards par 3

A beauty and you’ll play straight towards the Pacific and in to the wind. You need to find a very narrow and wide green that’s protected by a huge bunker to the front and six smaller at the back. Yes, the ocean is also to the left. Club selection is crucial. 3-iron short right of green, a magic “Phil” flop shot to 3 feet of hole, missed par put for a bogey 4.

Hole 18 – 532 yards par 5

Most likely the best finishing hole in golf and one of the best par 5 all categories. Slight dogleg left with the Pacific and cliffs on the entire left hand side. The tee box is right on the edge of the cliffs and it’s very intimidating from tee. How much do I dare to cut over the ocean on the left? Can’t be too much to the right, because the two huge bunkers are in play? Your second shot will face a fairway that narrows down and you have the ocean and a flat bunker on the entire left. Your third must carry the bunker that’s at the front and finally, putts fall to the ocean. Just a fantastic hole! Perfect drive cutting the ocean and to the middle of fairway, good fairway wood with an aggressive line finding the left flat bunker, good connection with an 8-iron finding the front green bunker, nice touch on the bunker shot and close to pin, missed the par but by an inch for a bogey 5.

Pebble was a very exceptional experience and it was shared with a couple from Switzerland and Duncan Artus from South Africa. I believe we all were taken by the beauty and the challenge from golf course. The condition of the course was brilliant down to the finest detail –extraordinary. Mixed results, but it couldn’t have been a better day.

I was so inspired by being at Pebble and the adrenalin was flowing all along. I did though mange to keep it under control and also keep the focus. I played well and was striking the ball in a way I would like to do every day. I pulled out some magic with my 58-degree wedge, doing the “Phil” flop shot I like. Managed to do a birdie on the 376 yards 16th hole.

Overall score was 79 shots (gross) after 39 on the front and 40 on the back. I just played some very good golf today and enjoyed every moment of it.

A lot of credit to my caddie, Ryan Hyyppa, who helped me a lot with valuable insight and in particular on how to read the greens. Ryan is not only a great professional, he’s also a great guy and fun to be with on the golf course.

Michael (Duncan’s caddie) did also a great job. A caddie is well worth the money and your experience at Pebble will just be better with a caddie.

The question I already have got from a number of people are, is it worth the hefty green fee at Pebble? Yes, it certainly is. You’ll get an experience you’ll never forget. Just embrace the moment and have fun on the golf course.

Pebble Beach Golf Links