St Enodoc Golf Club - 23rd October 2011 - The Links
St Enodoc Golf Club - 23rd October 2011

Stunning scenery

St Enodoc Church course certainly has stunning views that you will remember. If you like hilly terrain, a shorter but tight course, undulating sloping fairways, punishing rough, firm greens and blind holes, then St Enodoc Church course is something for you.

My judgment may be clouded by the very strong wind on the day of play, but I’ll try to disregard it. Maybe I’ll view the course differently after playing it 20 times, but I don’t think so.

This is not a course for me. It’s not a course that is fair to the golfer. I don’t mind a course being tough and testing, but it needs to be fair and treat a good shot reasonable well. Sloping fairways will take a good shot to a position you don’t want to be in and if you ad a blind shot to this equation, it’s not a good thing.

The only way to enjoy this course is to know every inch of it and be able to be extremely precise and put the ball in exact position to not drift away to a position that will make the next shot very difficult.

For a visiting golfer playing the course for the first time, it’ll be so much frustration that the joy disappears immediately. You’ll rarely know where the ball will end up even though the shot is very good or even finding the ball!!!

I will not go in to the details of items of the course I didn’t like, it’s not the right thing to do. I must though mention that the course is very well maintained and in good condition.

Sorry, but I lost interest already after 5 holes and that shows in the result. The very strong wind didn’t help either. I shot a total of 87 after a 43 on the front nine and 47 on the back nine.

Daniel Dagorn and Gunnel Edenius joined me this day as well. Gunnel was the one holding up in our match play and was the clear winner – well played.

If you still decide to go and play St Enodoc, you should stay at the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagle. It’s a very cool place to stay at and about 30 minutes drive away from St Enodoc.

St Enodoc Golf Club - Church course