Waterville Golf Links - 4th September 2011 - The Links
Waterville Golf Links - 4th September 2011

Total meltdown at the Waterville Golf Links – I lost 9 balls!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never ever played in a wind like this – it was hard to even stand still!!! On top of this, the sky opened every 4th hole and pored down water on the course. Gale force wind, rain and golf – is not my cup of tea……

The course is a challenge in itself without the wind and rain, but it’s a monster in the conditions on this day. 6810 yards from the white Tee.

I played with two American brothers, Mark and Ken, from the Philadelphia area. Two nice guys that kept the spirit up during the whole day. They also got caught up by the bad conditions, but definitely played better then me.

I was totally embarassed about my game and how we spend so much time in the rough trying to find my balls. The rough is very thick and you’re lucky if you’ll find your ball in it, so fairway is the place to be on – unfortunately did I not do that. It was even so bad, that I only had one ball left when we had 5 more holes to play!!!!! Luckily did I get a few from Ken to get to the 19th hole.

My scorecard got totally soaked and it was so wet that my writing disappeared. Just as good, because the score was terrible and something that should not be shown in public. It’s doubtful if a was below 95……

Waterville Golf Links is though a genuine great links courses with some stunning holes:

  • 3rd Hole - “The Sancturay”: 408 yards par 4 with water along the entire right side and a green that’s on the tip of the peninsula right by the water.
  • 12th Hole – “Mass Hole”: 164 yards par 3 with an elevated green behind a gorse covered steep valley – don’t be short! Monster hole in the gale force wind coming from the right hand side.
  • 16th Hole – “Liam’s Ace”: 352 yards par 4 with big dunes on the left hand side and the ocean along the entire right hand side. Straight drive followed with a precise iron shot into a small green by the ocean side
  • 18th Hole -  “O’Gradys Beach”: 556 yards par 5 along the beach up to the club house – beautiful. Strong crosswind from the ocean makes it a real challenge.

The course and weather conditions just smashed me today and yes, the thought came to me “will I ever play golf again??” Of course, will I continue to play and today was just an extreme links experience.

A good place to stay at is The Smugglers Inn, which is right by the ocean and 2 minutes away from the Waterville Golf Links. Cosy Inn with very good food.




Your round is complete and you can do no more, so what better way to drown your sorrows then with a refreshing cold one in the bar…..