Western Gailes Golf Club - 23rd September 2011 - The Links
Western Gailes Golf Club - 23rd September 2011

A delightful and very enjoyable true links course.


Western Gailes Golf Club was founded in 1897. It has 375 members and is a gentlemen members only club. Women are though most welcome to come and play the course. It was originally created for businessmen from Glasgow to have a links course to play in a location with better weather than in the misty Glasgow.

The golf course is located on a small piece of land between the ocean and the railway. The club also convinced the railway company to build a small railway station next to the clubhouse in 1897, so that members easily could get from/to Glasgow. Very unique and brilliant way to get to the golf course. The railway station was used up to about 30 years ago.

It’s a very welcoming club and the people are very friendly with a genuine smile.

The golf course is build upon a rather small piece of land between the ocean and the railway, but what a piece of land. The layout of the course is very interesting and natural. You never get the feeling that the holes are close to each other.

This is a true natural links curse and it’s in superb conditions. The level of details that’s considered is impressive. This is a course for the real golf connoisseur and one that must be played. Make sure you can use all the clubs in your bag; you’ll need them all.

The first 4 holes are interesting “warm up” holes and then the real fun begins with the fantastic 5th to 13th hole stretch along the ocean. Large sand dunes are though mostly in between the holes and the ocean.

Hole 5 – 453 yards par 4

A long testing hole, which requires a long precise tee shot. For the long approach shot, be aware of the 3 bunkers protecting the narrow and long green. Did a bogey 5 after being in trouble off the tee.

Hole 6 – 498 yards par 5

A short hole, but by now means an easy hole. Dogleg right hole off tee and then a slight dogleg left for the almost blind green in low bowl. The long hitter may be adventurous and go for it in two, but getting the long approach shot on green is a challenge. Play it as a par 5 and your chance is a short pitch close to the pin for a birdie, but be happy with a par. Great golf hole. A bogey 6, after being in the rough for my third shot.

Hole 7 – 171 yards par 3

Fantastic par 3 which require a very precise tee shot on a green surrounded by 6 bunkers. It’s a semi-blind tee shot and you’ll most likely have the wind against you. Played a 3 wood in the strong wind, landed left of green in the rough, pitch and two put for a bogey 4.

Hole 11 – 445 yards par 4

In the wind, two long shots will not take you to the green. So, go for 2 long shots and a pitch close to pin. Great hole and challenge. Bogey 5 after a very good drive, short approach shoot and poor execution of the following three shots

Hole 13 – 141 yards par 3

Tricky par 3 with 7 bunkers!!!!! Surrounding the green and a burn crossing in front. The chance for ending up in trouble is large, but if you are precise in the wind you’ll be OK. Good 8-iron strike and two put for a solid par.


Dr L.M. Quin was the perfect host and playing partner for the day. He gave my tremendous interesting insight about the club and course. We had a very enjoyable and fun day. Very appreciated, Many Thanks.

My game was solid and rather good. Yes, the course and wind made it to a real challenge, but it was handled. Yes, I did have a number of lucky recovery shots that made the score. 41 on front nine and 37 on back nine for a total of 78 (gross) – I’m very pleased with this result.

As mentioned, this is a links course for the true golf connoisseur, but also a course that is enjoyable to any golfer. Don’t just come and play it once, play it at least twice and you’ll enjoy it even more.



A boys golf trip

The pinnacle of any golfer’s year is the annual trip away with the boys. For a few days, you can forget the trials and tribulations of normal life and immerse yourself fully in the game you love. For a little while nothing matters – just playing golf and enjoying time with friends.


Western Gailes Golf Club (Medal tee played)